Gründer-Inhaberaktie der Fürther Actien-Gesellschaft für Gasbeleuchtung in Fürth ‎mit Originalunterschriften der Verwaltungsratsmitglieder (Nennwert: 299 Gulden)

Bayerisches Wirtschaftsarchiv


The gas age began in the town of Fürth in 1858. Ludwig August Riedinger (1809-1879), an Augsburg industrial pioneer, spinning mill owner and proven expert in the field of gas technology, was commissioned by the town council to build a gasworks on Ottostrasse in Fürth. The financing was initially shared by the town of Fürth and several private individuals in a ratio of 2:1. In 1864, the gasworks passed completely into the ownership of the town. However, the plant was no longer able to cope with the increasing demand for energy at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1906 a new plant was built on Leyher Strasse, but the Ottostrasse plant was demolished in 1910. In 1965 Fürth ceased to be self-sufficient in gas for lack of profitability. It was replaced by supply from the Nuremberg public utility company. The artistically designed founder’s share from 1858 shows the first gasworks bottom centre. To the right and left, various ornate holders for gas lights of different sizes surround individual scenes in which the new modern lighting is used – in the study as well as at various workplaces and, of course, on the town’s streets and squares at night.