Speisenkarte der Gaststätte "Löwenbräukeller", Nymphenburger Straße 2

Bayerisches Wirtschaftsarchiv


The Löwenbräukeller on Munich's Stiglmaierplatz, built in 1883 and subsequently extended several times, accommodated up to 8,000 guests in its halls, ground floor restaurants and extensive gardens. In 1909, visitors consumed a total of 12,500 hectolitres of beer, which was around 3,500 litres a day. 50 waitresses worked at the Löwenbräukeller in 1909. They are listed on the back of the menu, together with the other staff, by their first names (and their nicknames probably from guests) and the number of uninterrupted years of service they have served in the restaurant. As the renowned restaurant of Munich and Bavaria's largest brewery since 1892, great importance has traditionally been attached to the menu's extremely elaborate design. The map is decorated with subjects from copper engravings by Albrecht Dürer. The usually available dishes appear in printed form, seasonal specialities are inserted by hand. The price for beer as a standard drink is not indicated separately. A litre of Löwenbräu beer cost 23 pfennig in 1909.