Programm zum achtzehnten Jahresfest der Firma R. Oldenbourg, München

Bayerisches Wirtschaftsarchiv


Rudolf Oldenbourg's publishing house, founded in Munich in 1858, employed over 150 people in publishing, printing and bookbinding before the turn of the century. From 1884, the company organised an annual company outing for employees and their families to a large Munich restaurant every summer. The programme booklet presented for each edition was produced in the publisher's own print shop and was therefore very elaborately designed. The employees' party began in 1892 on 2 July at 2.30 p.m. in the Munich's Tivoli garden restaurant. The afternoon-long concert programme, performed by a section of the 2nd Infantry Regiment, included a poem reading, the graduation and awarding of apprentices, a polonaise, general prize games for ladies, gentlemen and children as well as a show by two acrobatic clowns. After general dancing entertainment and a big brilliant firework display the party finished around 11 p.m. The programme booklet provides an exemplary insight into late 19th century corporate culture.