Sessel "Hemp Chair", Prototyp

Die Neue Sammlung - The Design Museum


The designer Werner Aisslinger (born 1964) develops strategies for tomorrow's life with his designs. Aspects such as ecology or sustainability play an important role for him. He broke new ground in the manufacture of seating furniture with his hemp chair. In collaboration with the chemical company BASF, he developed a material for which a mass consisting of 75 percent natural fibres such as hemp and kenaf is pressed at 200 degrees Celsius using the water-based binder Acrodur. The material, which is the result of thermoforming adopted from the automotive industry, can withstand enormous stresses. Its capabilities are comparable to those of an optical fibre composite. What is special, however, is its resource-conserving design, because during production the curing process only leaves behind water instead of environmentally harmful by-products. With the "Hemp Chair", Werner Aisslinger presented the model for ecological furniture suitable for everyday use in 2011. The chair is versatile as it weighs just five kilograms but is also stackable. Its formal analogy with the globally popular Monobloc plastic chair appears to be deliberately chosen, although its strict lines are also to be seen as an echo of the technical demands of production. Die Neue Sammlung owns one of three prototypes of the chair.