Armlehnstuhl ti 1a

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The ti 1a armchair is often simplified and called a "slatted chair" because its frame consists entirely of wooden slats with a uniform cross-section – in different lengths. The backrest and seat are made of taut elastic fabric strips from the Bauhaus weaving workshop. The design of the armchair was preceded by Marcel Breuer’s (1902-1981) fundamental discourse on the theme of the "chair and sitting". The design therefore combines ergonomic considerations for a comfortable, appropriate sitting posture with Bauhaus aesthetic premises. In terms of form, Breuer was inspired by the work of the Dutch designer and member of the De Stijl group Gerrit Thomas Rietveld (1888-1964), whereby Breuer’s design was intended to serve volume production with a minimal use of material and technical means. Breuer developed three versions of this chair between 1922 and 1924 as a "sample chair" for industrial production. The one presented here corresponds to the third, most mature version. However, the documents from the Thuringian state archive in Weimar suggest that probably only 26 copies of this chair were produced by hand in the Bauhaus furniture workshop.