Die Pfalz-Neuburgische Landesaufnahme: Das Pflegamt Burglengenfeld (Hauptkarte)

Bayerisches Hauptstaatsarchiv


Swabian land map painters had been entrusted with the Principality of Palatinate-Neuburg's topographic survey first of all. The collaboration with these artistic personalities, however, proved to be laborious and very expensive for the Neuburg government. A different personnel solution was found in order to map the Palatinate-Neuburg offices on the Nordgau: the protestant vicar Christoph Vogel took over the surveying work in the area. Erhard Stang, who had previously worked as an assistant in the Neuburg building administration, was responsible for the graphic implementation. His style is therefore rather sober and reduced compared to that of the painters, especially as Stang hardly used any colour. Nevertheless, he is regarded as a gifted draughtsman of buildings and views of towns. Not only did Reverend Vogel not just document the offices not only cartographically but he also wrote a detailed text description for each district. The texts and maps were linked together using grids, which could be referred to in the texts.


Sarah Hadry

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