Die Pfalz-Neuburgische Landesaufnahme: Das Pflegamt Reichertshofen (Hauptkarte)

Bayerisches Hauptstaatsarchiv


The city painter Friedrich Seefried (1549–1608) from Nördlingen was the author of the Palatinate-Neuburg topographic survey's first three works: he mapped the districts of Höchstädt, Neuburg and Reichertshofen in the 1580s. Only the original recording of the Reichertshofen parish is preserved though. This is an expressive landscape and settlement painting in the style of Swabian land map painting. Although Seefried is hardly known today, he was a highly sought-after cartographer at the time, working for princes, the Reich's institutions Reich and the Fugger family. The painter from Nördlingen oriented his maps north and decorated them with compass depictions. Therefore, it can be assumed that he did not just paint what he saw but that he carried out simple compass calculations on the points he was aiming at.


Sarah Hadry

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