Der Hausvertrag von Pavia

Bayerisches Hauptstaatsarchiv


With the Treaty of Pavia, the separation of the Wittelsbach territories into the Duchy of Bavaria and the Rhenish Palatinate was ratified: Emperor Ludwig IV (Louis the Bavarian, 1281-1347) received the Upper-Bavarian part of the duchy as well as part of the Bavarian Nordgau (northern administrative unit). The sons of his late brother Rudolf (1274-1319) received the Rhenish Palatinate with its territories as well as the northern part of the March of Nordgau, the future Upper Palatinate. The electoral office was supposed to be exercised in alternation. The deed presented here is the version of the treaty drawn up for Emperor Louis the Bavarian and sealed by Count Palatine Rudolf II (1306-1353) and by Ruprecht I (1309-1390).