Chändel, Mossel Grazzens Witwe: Bürgeraufnahme von Aaron von Prag 1356 About the Object
  • Bürgeraufnahme von Aaron von Prag 1356
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    • Chändel, Mossel Grazzens Witwe
    • Jösel, Sohn der Chändel
    • Chalman
    • Äferll, Fridleins Sohn
    • Juden zu Regensburg
    • Aaron von Prag
    • Rachel, Aarons Frau
    • Albrecht Zant, Schultzheiß und Judenrichter
    • Konrad Dürnsteter, Kämmerer
    • Karl Maller
  • 8. Juni 1356
  • Material: Pergament
    • German
    • Bürgeraufnahme
    • Juden zu Regensburg
    • Steuer
    • Synagoge
    • Jüdischer Friedhof
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  • Bayerisches Hauptstaatsarchiv
    • Bayerisches Hauptstaatsarchiv - Call number: BayHStA, Reichsstadt Regensburg Urkunden Nr. 1078
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  • Siegel der jüdischen Gemeinde Regensburgs
  • 2021

Bürgeraufnahme von Aaron von Prag 1356

8. Juni 1356
  • Chändel, Mossel Grazzens Witwe
  • Jösel, Sohn der Chändel
  • Chalman
  • Äferll, Fridleins Sohn


On 8 June 1356, Kändlein (Chändel, relict of Mossel Grazzen), her son Jösel, Chalman and Äferll, Fridlein's son, on behalf of the entire Jewish community of Regensburg, confirmed the admission as a citizen of Aaron von Prag (Araon) and his wife Rachel together with their family and domestics. Israel, Männlein's son-in-law, is explicitly excluded. With the knowledge and support of the city's citizens or the city council, the issuers of the document negotiated the conditions of settlement with the new arrivals: Aaron and his relatives were to settle in Regensburg for two years. In return, they were to pay the city an annual tax of 60 guilders at Whitsun each year; they were not to be liable for any further taxes or charges in addition to this sum. The Jewish community also granted them the right to use the synagogue (shul), the cemetery and all community facilities (allen den dingen die vns gemainlich an gehörent) in any way (zü götlichen dingen od(er) zü werltlich(e)n).

The document was authenticated with the community seal of the Jews of Regensburg and the seals of the schultheiß (magistrate) Albrecht der Zand, the chamberlain Chunrad Dürnsteter, Karel des Mäller and the "Judenrichter" (judge of the Jews) Stephan des Tündorffars.

Astrid Riedler-Pohlers

CC BY 4.0