Scherzendes Paar

Historisches Museum Regensburg


In front of the railing of a staircase, running from top right to bottom left, a dark-haired, bearded, undressed man is stretched out with his upper body propped up. His left hand slips the transparent veil off the shoulder of a woman reclining in front of him. The now undressed woman tries somewhat half-heartedly to hold on to her cloak with her left hand, while with her right hand she leans on the man's right arm. Around her neck she wears a golden necklace with a diamond-shaped gold pendant set with pearls, her blond hair is tied back and held by a circlet. Her gaze and her entire posture seem to point in a slightly amused fashion to the man behind her. Both figures are shown in frontal view. Before restoration (completed 2010), the two fragments "Kapitell" (capital, HV 1500,5) and "Narr am Treppengeländer" (fool at the railing, HV 1500,13) were set in the same plaster bed.

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