Pennsylvania, Kolonialverwaltung: Kreditschein über 50 Shillings von 1773

Giesecke+Devrient Stiftung Geldscheinsammlung


Obverse: Inscription "Pursuant to a law of the Pennsylvania Assembly, enacted in the 13th year of His Majesty's Government, George the Third. Given on 1 October 1773"; left in the middle the coat of arms of the Penn family with the motto "MERCY - JUSTICE".

Reverse: above penalty rate, below landscape representation

The Colonial Administration of Pennsylvania first issued paper money in 1723. Other North American colonies also issued paper money early on, as there was not enough coinage and their own minting was not permitted. The dependence on the British motherland is also shown by the credit note itself: The currency designation is the Shilling and the reign years of the English king George III. are indicated. The credit notes were printed by Hall & Sellers in Philadelphia. David Hall (1714-1772) was initially a business partner of Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) in his printing and publishing house. In 1766 David Hall took over the business and continued it with William Seller as his partner. Hall & Sellers printed paper money and official documents for the Pennsylvania Colonial Administration.