Fohlen Kyster, springend



The subject of the horse is omnipresent in Fritz Koenig's art (1924-2017) throughout all his creative periods. He doesn't just deal with this topic as a sculptor and graphic artist but as a breeder too. Fritz and Maria Koenig moved into their newly built property on Ganslberg near Altdorf in 1961 and soon began to build up an Arabian breeding programme. The little mare Kyster shown here was the first foal born on Ganslberg. For Fritz Koenig, who often expressed the wish to be a horse himself at a young age, being preoccupied with the development and passing away of the creature was of key importance for his artistic work. The artist expresses the untamed, carefree being's exuberant joy of life in the subject of the galloping, jumping little horse in a figurative, playful and narrative impression. The spontaneous, unsmoothed design accentuates the naturalness of the representation without superimposing the abstract elements of his still academically based style.


Stephanie Gilles M.A.

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