Kleine Flora V



Fritz Koenig's (1924-2017) pictorial language was increasingly characterised by simple stereometric forms such as spheres, hemispheres, tapered round rods and cuboids as early as the 1960s. In the series of works "Flora" from the 1970s, Koenig further develops the theme of column caryatids borrowed from architecture. On a shaft striving vertically upwards, forms unfold which are broken up, broken open or arranged offset against each other. Due to their spherical shape, however, they have lost all architectural connotation and are reminiscent of biomorphic structures such as growing plants, budding flower buds or fruit capsules. Koenig plays with the physical laws of gravity and explores them to their limits in a virtuoso manner. The Apollonian-Dionysian polarity principle, in this case supported on the one hand by austerity and seemingly static grandeur, and on the other hand by vitality and lightness, is implemented brilliantly here. Koenig repeatedly describes himself as a "miniaturist". He also proves himself to be a master of the small format in sculptures such as Small Flora V.


Stephanie Gilles M.A.

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