Kleine Säulenkaryatide B



In the 1950s and 1960s Fritz Koenig (1924-2017) worked intensively with formulations on the themes of votive and cross. The group of works of caryatid figures develops from this in terms of content and form. The term caryatid comes from antiquity and refers to an architectural supporting column that has been erected with elegant lightness and designed as a female figure, which finds its male counterpart in the load-bearing shape of the bent atlas. Koenig adopts the caryatid concept, detaches it from its overall architectural context and develops his own radically scarce vocabulary of forms with a new, almost contrary meaning. Formally, the ancient human figure becomes an abstract pillar, while the focus on the singular human being and their sensitivities is directed in an exciting and contrasting way. The Small Column Caryatid B was the special edition for the Kunstverein Braunschweig in 1968.


Stephanie Gilles M.A.

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