Paarungsspiel, Zwei Kentauren



The motif groups of encounters between couples and the depiction of horses can be found in Fritz Koenig's works (1924-2017) throughout all his creative periods. Koenig combines both thematic groups in the five gold miniatures entitled "Mating Game", one of which is shown here. He draws on a mythological figure from the ancient world of gods and legends: the centaur. In ancient and Renaissance art, the centaur is a symbol of wildness, lust and passion. "Mating Game, Two Centaurs "exemplifies Koenig's interest in the motivic penetration and symbolisation of Apollonian-Dionysian opposites. The fact that he prefers the centaur as his motif is due to his life theme, the horse, which he devoted himself to as a rider and breeder alike" (Stephanie Gilles, Paarungsspiel, Drei Kentauren, in: Erbprinz trifft Koenig in der Kunst- und Wunderkammer Burg Trausnitz, published by R. Eikelmann and A. Schommers on the occasion of the exhibition of the same name, Landshut, 19 May to 28 October 2018, Munich 2018, p. 13). He himself declares: "I still remember when I came across the first centaur picture, I was quite beside myself about the fact that everything was already so clearly formulated..." (Original quote Fritz Koenig, Ganslberg on 6.11.1978, in: Fritz Koenig, Meine Arche Noah, published by the Skulpturenmuseum im Hofberg, City of Landshut, Landshut 2004, p. 30.)


Stephanie Gilles M.A.

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