Kopf, Bischof Otto von Bamberg



"When the architect Alexander Freiherr von Branca designed Bamberg Cathedral's new bishop's tomb in the 1990s, Fritz Koenig was asked to create a bust of Saint Otto for the tomb's vestibule. The challenge of competing with the high quality of the medieval sculptures in Bamberg Cathedral on a level playing field was met by the artist from one inspiration, as he admitted. Koenig modelled the features of a man whose physiognomy is completely unknown in a strictly reduced form. "And yet the bust enters our consciousness as a dignified, individual character study." (Stephanie Gilles, head of Bishop Otto von Bamberg (1060-1139), in: Erbprinz trifft Koenig in der Kunst- und Wunderkammer Burg Trausnitz, published by R. Eikelmann and A. Schommers on the occasion of the exhibition of the same name, Landshut, 19 May to 28 October 2018, Munich 2018, p. 17)


Stephanie Gilles M.A.

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