Huldigungsadresse an Königin Victoria mit angeheftetem Unterschriftsstempel. Mit englischer und deutscher Übersetzung als Beilagen

Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg


The English General Willoughby Cotton delivered the letter written by Shuja-ul-Mulk in the empurpled language of the Orient to Queen Victoria, whom the author called his "Cousin and illustrious Sister" and for whose friendship (and assistance) he asked. Shah Shuja-al-Mulk was Shah of Afghanistan from 1803 to 1810. After his deposition by his brother, he went into exile in British India, from where he tried to regain the throne. In 1839, the English reinstated him as a puppet king during the first Afghan War. When the English withdrew from Kabul, he was murdered. The letter of homage, translated in German and English, reached the Coburg autograph collection during Prince Albert's lifetime. It documents the worldwide prestige of the English queen, who was to become Empress of India in 1877.


Klaus Weschenfelder

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