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The 1550/51 edition of the Luther Bible was produced in collaboration with the reliable printer of Luther texts Hans Lufft and with his workshop in Wittenberg, presumably managed by the younger Cranach. Since the Battle of Mühlberg (1547), Wittenberg belonged to the Albertine territory. Former Elector – Johann Friedrich I – was in imperial captivity, where the older Cranach had followed him in 1550. Both settled in Weimar after Johann Friedrich's release in 1552. The text version, as well as the title pages, corresponded to the first edition of 1546, published after Luther's death, slightly edited by Georg Rörer. Although he documented every change in the edition report, he was attacked for falsification of Luther's legacy; actually, this accusation happened quite wrongly, since it was only a matter of corrections that Luther had actually intended for the new edition. The illustrations inside the book are the special feature in the 1550/51 edition. The image designs attributed to the monogramist MS and used since the first full Bible of 1534 were discarded in favour of new illustrations. Many of them are signed. In particular, in the historical books of the Old Testament, an intertwined LC monogram can often be seen, frequently on small inserted panels. Some of these panels are left empty, in some cases an existing monogram might have been cut out of the printed block. Datum: 2016


Landesbibliothek Coburg, Dr. Silvia Pfister

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