Stele des Upuaut-aa

Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst München


Upuaut-aa was the prince and head of the priests, he is shown below left in front of a large sacrificial table. The remaining surface of the stele is covered by a 25-line inscription, which starts with the exact dating in the 13th year of Amenemhet II (King from 1877-1843 BC), followed by a prayer to Osiris. Then all the gods worshipped in Abydos are listed, who the Living Prayers are to be spoken for. The inscription ends with a report of a reception at the king, at which the prince is given his offices and the erection of statues in the temple district is approved. The stele originates from Abydos in Middle Egypt in the Middle Kingdom (2040-1780 B.C.) where a large number of similar steles were erected, because they wanted to be present in the place of pilgrimage for the ruler of the hereafter Osiris and to join his cult.