Geschichtstaler "Segen des Himmels" von König Ludwig I. von Bayern

Staatliche Münzsammlung München


Obverse: portrait facing right.

Reverse: large medal with the portrait of Queen Therese surrounded by eight small medals with the portraits and names of the children of Ludwig and Therese.

The Bavarian “Geschichtstaler” (commemorative talers) introduced under King Ludwig I were issued to remember important events and persons of Bavarian history. They were minted from 1825 to 1856. Until 1837, they were “Conventionsthaler” (standard imperial silver talers), from 1837 “Doppeltaler” (double talers). The first edition of this series of coins was issued in memory of his succession to the throne in 1825. In total, during the reign of King Ludwig I were issued 27 commemorative talers and 14 commemorative double talers. The last double taler was dedicated to the succession of Ludwig’s son Maximilian II to the throne.The taler of 1828 shows the royal family - so numerous as recipients of “heavenly blessing”. It consists of Queen Therese, Crown Prince Maximilian, Prince Otto, the future king of Greece, Princess Mathilde, the future grand duchess of Hesse-Darmstadt and five further younger siblings. The motif was much appreciated in Europe and found imitators in the Russian family of the Tsar.