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The manuscript from the last quarter of the ninth century includes the four gospels with their prefaces and table of chapter titles as well as with the Eusebian canon tables. The poem added to the canon tables has Irish origins and is solely transmitted by manuscripts with a provenance in north-eastern France. The text of the Bible follows the Franco-Saxon group and connects, therefore, to this geographical area, while palaeographic traits rather point to a region west of the Rhine. The mixture of styles between late Turonian and Franco-Saxon elements, which is typical for the illumination on the pages of the evangelists, may also be found during the same period in the wall paintings of St. Maximin in Trier. Prince Ludwig von Oettingen-Wallerstein (1791-1870) acquired the manuscript in Paris with help by the collector Abbé Charles Philippe Campion de Tersan. Related gospel books are preserved in the Berlin Staatsbibliothek (State Library) and in Saint-Croix in Gannat (Auvergne). // Datum: 2017

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