Brustbilder eines Knaben (links) und eines Mädchens

Universitätsbibliothek Erlangen-Nürnberg


This coloured chalk drawing depicts the bust images of two children, a little boy and a slightly older girl, in period dress and the hair style common at the time. Although the identity of the children cannot be precisely determined, a certain similarity of facial features suggests that they could be siblings. Comparison with other portraits of children from the Cranach workshop suggests that the bust is probably a representation of a princess and prince from the Princely Family of Saxony. The drawing was probably intended as a model for one or two paintings.

Attribution to an artist has not yet been clearly clarified. According to the latest research, it could be a drawing by Hans Cranach (c. 1513-1537), the eldest son and pupil of Lucas Cranach the Elder (c. 1472-1553) and elder brother of the more famous Lucas Cranach the Younger (1541-1612).