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  • An elementary treatise on mineralogy and geology : designed for the use of pupils, for persons, attending lectures on theses subjects, and as a companion for travellers in the United States of America / 1
    [...] Main the Hyalite occurs in fissures or invests cavities in amygdaloid wacke or basalt At Chemnitz in Hungary it is greenish 2 Michaelite Webster It occurs in masses composed both of [...]
    [...] and as many in diameter with roots and branches thus petrified has been found near Chemnitz in Saxony In England near Woburn in ferruginous sand In Africa in the eastern part [...]
    [...] greenish earth In Saxony at Cunnersdorf c they occur in veins traversing gneiss and near Chemnitz in veins in porphyry Jameson In Scotland at the hill of Kinnoul near Perth and [...]
    [...] porphyry Sometimes also it is an ingredient of a kind of conglomerate or tufa Near Chemnitz in Saxony it is abundant and resembles a grayish marl with white and reddish spots [...]