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    [...] jºurney nan Pig Wilhelm Meiſters jahre von Göthe the Travelling Yeas he traveling years as it were of a journeyman for perfecting himself in his trade of Wilhelm Meister by Goche [...]
    [...] sort of small apricot 2 a sort of plum Mär m es pl e from the L Martius March Im or en im Monat in the month of March in March März becher m [...]
    [...] ig adj and adv black sided with black sides ſpecht m uhe reat blackwoodpecker picus martius ein m 1 er Braunſtein perigord stone the peroxyd of black oxyd ef manga nese [...]
    [...] Blau Bunt Grau Grün Hauben Mauer Schwarz Specht krähe f great black wood pecker picus martius me iſ e f nut hatch the potter bird wurz wurzel f Diptam dittamy Special [...]
    [...] e a name of mem Theobald Tibald Theodicee f pl n theodicy meta physical theology Theodor m s pl e a name of men Theodore Theodöra s and Theodore ns pl en [...]