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Display Issues

There may be problems with the display and/or functionality when using older versions of browsers or operating systems on mobile devices. We kindly ask you to always use the latest release of your browser version if possible.

General search

You will find the "General Search" on the homepage as a search slot and on all other pages by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol (see arrows). It is a good first step into the world of bavarikon if you are looking for specific objects or topics.

The entire stock of bavarikon is searched, i.e. the cultural objects but also biographies, geographical data (place records) and editorial content.

Further searches

Separate searches for objects, places, maps and people can be found in the drop-down menu "Further contents" (see arrows).


The "Object search" allows you to search specifically for art and cultural objects in bavarikon. You can switch between "Simple search" and "Advanced search". The latter allows you to enter specific search terms, e.g. by author, title, location reference or keywords. Furthermore, all books digitised in full text are searchable and provide additional results.

The search results can be narrowed down further using the drop-down menus in the upper area. There are various filter options here, such as by media type, object category or persons.


You can search for places, municipalities, districts, waters, forests and mountains in present-day Bavaria in the "Places search"; you can also search for places, municipalities and district offices in the Palatinate.

You can limit the hit list in the upper selection menu "Type".

In the individual results, you will find helpful information on the respective location as well as additional links to further external offers of the specific search hit.


The "People search" allows you to search for biographical offers in bavarikon.

It is possible to search by surname, first name and activity (profession, function).
Special case: In the case of rulers or persons from the period of mononymy, the "first name" must be entered in the first field.

The search results can be narrowed down further using the drop-down menus in the upper section.

On the start page you will also find a selection of important personalities from Bavaria, chosen for you by the bavarikon editorial team. After clicking on one of the pictures, you will find short biographies of the respective person and links to high-resolution digital copies of the portraits or works presented as well as to more detailed biographies.

Image-based Similarity Search

The "Image similarity search" offers you the possibility to search a stock of several million automatically recognised images. You will find the instructions for use directly on the page of the Image Similarity Search.


The book viewer has special functions, i.e. the object display of digitised books, manuscripts or comparable works.

Below the title display are control buttons for the following functions:

  • Page back (arrow)
  • Scroll forward (arrow)
  • Zoom out (magnifying glass -)
  • Zoom in (magnifying glass +)
  • Show whole picture (broken square)
  • Open or close full screen (four arrows)
  • Turn page counterclockwise (circular arrow symbol)
  • Rotate page clockwise (circular arrow symbol)
  • Open overview of all pages in thumbnail view (book)
  • Call up table of contents (bookmark)
  • Display image similarity elements (crossed-out eye). The function is deactivated by default. When activated, image similarity elements are displayed, provided that the digital copy in question contains image elements that have been recognised as such.
  • Jump to object information (button with "i" on the far right)

Below the control buttons there is an overview window in the top left-hand corner which shows the position of the image section at higher zoom levels.

In the lower area of the image display, a bar with a page number shows where you are in the book. Arrows appear to the right and left of the viewer to allow you to scroll forward and back. Faster navigation is possible by moving the page number at the bottom bar or by clicking anywhere on the bar.

Image Viewer

The single image viewer differs from the book viewer only in that book-specific functions (scrolling, table of contents) are missing. The button "Similar images" can be used to initiate an image similarity search.

Map Viewer

Some of the maps in bavarikon are georeferenced. In this case you can switch to a special map viewer (see arrow). Especially maps from before 1800 may be distorted.

The map display is based on the BayernAtlas of the Landesamt für Digitalisierung, Breitband und Vermessung. The control elements are located at the top right.


At the top left edge of the viewer of our 3D Models are the control buttons. In the standard setting they are displayed:

  • Open or close full screen (four arrows)
  • Zoom in / out (magnifying glass)
  • Rotate (circular arrow symbol)
  • Move (cross-shaped arrow symbol)
  • Change of light incidence (light bulb)
  • Change to higher resolution (cogwheel)
  • Change coloured / display surface structure (colour container)
  • Jump to object information (button with "i" on the far right)

Social Media

Direct access to our social media offers can be found in the top right-hand corner in the drop-down menu next to the language selection (see arrow).