Yves Béhar (1967-): Notebook OLPC XO-1 About the Object
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  • Notebook OLPC XO-1
  • Enhanced description
    • Yves Béhar (1967-)
    • Quanta Computer
    • Taoyuan
  • 2005
  • H. 3 cm, B. 24,2 cm, T. 22,8 cm / Material: Kunststoff (PC/ABS), weiß, grün; Gummi
    • Industrial Design
    • Computer
    • Notebook
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  • Die Neue Sammlung - The Design Museum
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    • Die Neue Sammlung - The Design Museum - Inventory number: 498 / 2015
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  • Objektrechte: Yves Béhar (fuseproject) - Fotonachweis: Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum (A. Laurenzo)
  • 2019-10-09

Notebook OLPC XO-1

  • Yves Béhar (1967-)
  • Taoyuan


The aim of the "One Laptop per Child" non-profit project is to facilitate access to education for all children worldwide with the help of a specially developed mobile folding computer. Swiss Yves Béhar (born 1967) was commissioned to design the so-called "100-dollar laptop" and submitted a draft designed to meet the needs of children in developing countries. The colourful, child-friendly design with rounded edges, a simple carrying handle and two "rabbit ears", which simultaneously function as a WLAN antenna and cover for a USB port but also serve to lock the flap, is striking. Thanks to the antenna, children can network with each other. A dual display allows for use in the dark and in daylight. The computer is robust and waterproof, its keyboard is protected by a rubber membrane. In addition, all the components are easily replaceable so even children can repair the laptop in just a few steps. A hand crank makes it possible to charge the highly energy-efficient device, 10 % of the usual power consumption of a standard computer, manually if necessary. The project was presented by MIT Professor Nicholas Negroponte at the World Economic Summit in Davos in 2005. A prototype of the first generation XO-1 model was presented in the same year.