Emergency Money Bills of the Nineteenth Century

This collection is part of the holdings of "Paper Bills in Bavaria" of the HVB Stiftung Geldscheinsammlung (HVB foundation: collections of bank notes).

During the nineteenth century, there was only one Bavarian issue of emergency money. With the outbreak of the German-French War 1870, in Kaiserslautern there was a shortage of money. At the time, the city belonged as part of the Palatinate to the territory of the kingdom of Bavaria.

Because of this shortage, Kaiserslautern issued loan bills at the denominations of 1, 2 and 5 guilders that were distributed to companies. Bills are preserved with the stamps of the Eisenwerke (iron works) Kaiserslautern and of the Kammgarnspinnerei (worsted spinning mill) Kaiserslautern.

A further emergency money issue was planned for Nuremberg but never took place. The communal authority, the trade committee and trade association had ordered a one-guilder bill to be created. The bill was, however, never distributed and the entire edition of 100,000 pieces was destroyed. An issue of a two-guilder bill which had already been approved was not even printed.

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