The Bayerische Bibliographie

As a Bavarian regional bibliography, the Bayerische Bibliographie (Bavarian Bibliography) records as completely as possible all German or foreign-language publications with a connection to Bavaria. Books of fiction are included selectively (dialect literature, regional whodunits).

Monographs as well as publications such as articles in journals and yearbooks, essays in edited volumes as well as the regional supplements from Bavarian newspapers are listed.

The online-edition contains the publications since 1988. As part of regional projects, titles from the period before 1988 are included to an extent.

It is possible to search the database according to author, lemma and tag as well as to conduct a systematic search. In addition, the search may be restricted according to years and regions.

In December 2013, an additional c.190,000 titles with a connection to Bavaria from the elder Bavarica-holdings of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Bavarian State Library) as well as from the Franconica-holdings of the university libraries at Würzburg and Erlangen were integrated into the online bibliography. In retrospective, monographs and journals (though not single contributions) from the years before 1988 back to the early modern period are listed. In the case of these titles, the systematic search function and the search function limited to particular regions do not work.

The Bayerische Bibliographie is a collaborative project between the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and several university and state libraries.

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