Evangelisch-lutherische Kirchengemeinde St. Johannis Schweinfurt
Martin-Luther-Platz 18
97421 Schweinfurt

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The Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirchengemeinde Sankt Johannis Schweinfurt

St. Johannis (Saint John) is the traditional Evangelical parish of the former free imperial city of Schweinfurt. The church building, a three-nave basilica with double transept and Gothic choir space has a building history that reaches back to the twelfth century and it is, therefore, the oldest edifice of the city still in existence. Ever since the city council accepted the Reformation in the year 1542, St. Johannis has served as the Evangelical parish church. During the post-1945 reconstruction of the city, several affiliated parishes constituted themselves. Today, St. Johannis has a congregation of 2,200 members in the city centre of Schweinfurt and presents itself to its parishioners by means of religious services and sacred music as well as by offering pastoral and diaconal care. St. Johannis is the seat of the Evangelical deanery of Schweinfurt.

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