Preysing, Johann Maximilian Emanuel von: Diaries

As an official of the Bavarian State and Minister, Johann Maximilian Emanuel von Preysing (1687 to 1764) belongs to the most influential persons of Bavarian politics in the 18th century.

Biography of Presysing

Johann Maximilian Emanuel von Preysing-Hohenaschau (1687-1764) came from an old Bavarian noble family. In 1726 he became a close confidant of the elector and later emperor Karl Albrecht (ruled 1726-1745 in Bavaria), minister of conferences and master of the colonel's stable. 1738 he received the office of the Oberstkämmerer. Under Elector Max III Joseph (reigned 1745-1777) Preysing became Lord Chamberlain in 1745 and Director of the Privy Council in 1748. Preysing had a decisive influence on Bavarian foreign policy and the financial system of the Electorate.

The Diaries

Among Preysing's personal papers 38 pocket calendars have survived, which are today held by the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Bavarian State Library, shelf mark Cod.germ. 5456). The calendars are specimens of the "Schreib-Calender auf ein besondere Form und Weiß allen Obrigkeiten, Kauff- und Handels-Leuthen, auch männiglich zum täglichen Nutz also eingericht" (calendar in a special form for all authorities, merchants and tradesmen, with facilities for daily use for everyone), which was customary in Bavaria in the 18th century and was published in Munich by the "Kurfürstlicher Hofbuchdrucker und -händler" (book printer and -trader of the electoral court) Heinrich Theodor von Cölln (later on by Franz Joseph Thuille). In addition to the calendar sheets, it contained much information that was specific to the region.

The volumes, whose dimensions are approximately 20 x 15 cm, were filled by Preysing with personal notes and appointment dates from 1717 to 1763. The calendars document, albeit with some gaps, more than 40 years of Preysing's life and work.

>> This collection is part of the holdings of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Bavarian State Library).