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The Stadtarchiv Kronach

In 1889, "all documents, records and files on the magistrate" were taken over by the clergyman and local historian Karl Heinrich Traut and were kept from then on in the municipal local history museum at Rosenberg Fortress.

In 1909, the archives were moved to the fortress' Princes' Building, where they remained for decades. The archive was given its current home with the construction of the new town hall in 1976.

The Stadtarchiv Kronach (Kronach City Archive) preserves the files of the Kronach City Administration and its foundations as well as the official records of the formerly independent communities of Dörfles, Fischbach, Friesen, Gehülz, Glosberg, Gundelsdorf, Höfles, Knellendorf, Neuses, Seelach, Vogtendorf, Wötzelsdorf and Ziegelerden. Archive records of the former manors Haßlach and Stockheim are also part of the collection.

The prince-bishop Bamberg district seat of Kronach became part of the kingdom of Bavaria in 1803.

Two documents from the year 1381 and the Council and Court Book from 1387-1404 are the oldest preserved archive records. The council minutes books, fief and court books are among the city's most important historical sources.

In addition to the official documents, the Stadtarchiv Kronach has an extensive newspaper archive, starting with the General Gazette for the city of Cronach and the surrounding area in 1852, and a photo archive whose earliest photographs date back to the 1880s.

The map and plan collection's special highlights include the demolition of Peter Zweidler's Vogtei Nordhalben in 1605 and the floor plans of the Rosenberg Fortress by the building and barracks inspector Johann Jacob Wagner in 1758.

The remains of the former Franciscan monastery library, the collection of prints, mainly from the 19th and 20th centuries, including works by the Kronach artist Lorenz Kaim (1813-1885) and film footage of Kronach and its surroundings from the 1920s to the 1940s are also worth mentioning.

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