Korrespondenz zwischen Goethe und von Mannlich

Bayerische Staatsbibliothek


Johann Christian von Mannlich (1741-1822), from 1799 court painter in Munich and general director of all Bavarian paintings galleries, directed up to 1816 the artistic concerns of the Zellerische Lithographische Anstalt (Zeller's Lithographic Institution). With the poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) he was connected by an active exchange of letters, which had started on 6. July 1804 and can be documented up to 1814. In the present correspondence, nine letters are by Goethe (1804-1807) and 17 drafts of letters by Mannlich (1804-1808). Goethe discusses the first issue of Mannlich's "Zeichenbuch für Zöglinge der Kunst und Liebhaber" (Sketchbook for Students of the Arts and Amateurs), in which he exalts Raphael as an ideal model. In July 1804, Mannlich explains Goethe about his efforts no longer to display the works of art in the Munich collections in accordance with schools and nations, but with their artistic qualities. Goethe welcomes this change in policy. In October, Goethe asks Mannlich for help with the acquisition of Palatine and Bavarian medals. On 21 May 1807, Mannlich writes to Goethe about one of his works (BSB Cod.icon. 88): "Auf meiner langen Fahrt kam mir der Gedanke, alle Geschöpfe zu malen, welche in der Heiligen Schrift und in der Weltgeschichte auf Vögel Bezug haben. Ich erfand und malte Fabeln und Gedichte, zu welchen immer ein Vogel den Stoff lieferte, und so wuchs das Werk ohne Plan auf zwölf Folio-Bände heran." (During my long journey, I conceived the idea to paint all creatures, which relate to birds in the Holy Bible and in world history. I invented and painted fables and poems for which always a bird delivered the subject matter and so the work grew without a plan into twelve folio volumes). Datum: 2016


Peter Czoik

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