Konzertarie "Misera dove son! - Ah non son' io che parlo" KV 369

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) composed this concert aria based on lyrics by Pietro Metastasio's (1698-1782) opera seria Ezio on 8 March 1781 in Munich, where he stayed for the opening night of his Idomeneo. On the first sheet of the musical score, there is a dedication by another hand "à la Comtesse de Paumgarten Veuve". This refers to the favourite of Elector Karl Theodor (Elector Palatine 1742-1777, Elector Palatine and Elector of Bavaria 1777-1799), Josepha, Countess Paumgarten, née Lerchenfeld-Sießbach. The note must have been made by her hand. Mozart himself called the aria in his letters "the Baumgarten aria" or "aria for the Baumgarten". Julius Joseph Maier, the curator of the music department, noted on the back of the flyleaf: "This autograph was donated to the kl. Hof= und Staatsbibliothek (royal court and state library) on 13th December 1860 by the kl. Oberappellationsgericht=Secretary Joseph Maria Mayer (secretary of the royal main court of appeal), who discovered and acquired the same at a flea market. Munich, 14th December 1860. Julius Jos. Maier." Datum: 2016


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