Kunststoffhaus "FUTURO"

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The FUTURO plastic house embodies the future visions of the 1960s, in which new materials were at the centre of visionary designs for mobile living spaces. It stands for confidence in science and technology and the conquest of space, and thus for the quest for new, functional, efficient and mass-produced dwellings of that time. The FUTURO is regarded as one of the first mass-produced plastic houses to be sold internationally. It was produced by the Finnish company Polykem Ltd. and its walls are made of polyester shells reinforced with glass fibre and sandwiched with polyurethane foam insulation. With a diameter of eight metres and a total height of almost six metres, it offers a living area of approx. 25 m2 which can be heated with electricity in less than 30 minutes. The building rests on a stable tubular steel frame. Its construction is designed in such a way that the house can be erected within two days even in rough terrain and withstands extreme temperatures as well as earthquakes or storms. The FUTURO was originally designed as a ski hut.