Mandat zur Einführung des gregorianischen Kalenders im Fürstentum Pfalz-Sulzbach

Staatsarchiv Amberg


The calendar reform, which had been instituted by the bulla “Inter gravissimas” of Pope Gregory XIII (r. 1572-1585) in 1582, with its renewed assimilation of the so-far valid Julian calendar to the solar year had merely practical and sensible aims. While the Catholic states immediately adopted this reform, the Protestant territories of the German empire saw a confessional conflict and hesitated to introduce it up to the year 1700. In the Wittelsbach principality Pfalz-Sulzbach, in which since 1652 with the so-called “Simultaneum” the equal status of the two great confessions had been introduced, the Gregorian calendar was instituted by the present mandate on 28 November 1655, the first Sunday of Advent.

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