Psalterium von Bergen

Historischer Verein Neuburg an der Donau


The magnificent manuscript was probably written in the middle of the 13th century and was passed down as the "Psaltery of Bergen". However, a connection to the Benedictine convent of Bergen near Neuburg cannot be proven without any doubt. The manuscript itself does not contain any information about the original owner. The modern bound manuscript begins with Psalm 13 and contains five artistically decorated narrative pages of the New Testament such as the Judas kiss or the resurrection of Christ. The Psalms themselves reflect texts of the Old Testament and comprise four full-page as well as numerous integrated initial miniatures. The small format and the elaborate equipment can indicate the private use of a high-ranking personality. Stylistically, the miniatures and paintings are influenced by the Thuringian-Saxon school of painting, although a connection to the Franconian book illumination (Würzburg?) is also suspected.


Eva Muster M.A., Historischer Verein Neuburg an der Donau

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