Große Flora L



In 1977, the artist won the competition for the installation of a sculpture in front of the modern extension of the German Embassy in London with his design "Kleine Flora L" (Small Flora L). "Große Flora L" was installed in front of the building on Chesham Place in 1978. On a cylinder, a shaft rises that is offset once more at its lowest part and struts vertically upwards. Two hemispherical forms unfold at its oblique tip, reminiscent of springing flower buds or fruit capsules. Formally, the "Große Flora L" is close to works from the "Zwei" group of works created at the same time. Stereometric basic forms such as spheres, hemispheres, cylinders, rods and cuboids define the artistic vocabulary. Koenig plays with the physical laws of gravity and explores them to their limits in a virtuoso manner. The dynamic polarity principle, in this case supported on the one hand by austerity and seemingly static grandeur, and on the other hand by vitality and lightness, is implemented brilliantly here.


Stephanie Gilles M.A.

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