Klagebalken- Denkmal für die Opfer des Terroranschlags während der XX. Olympischen Spiele 1972 in München



Fritz Koenig received several commissions for memorials and places of remembrance dedicated to the victims of anti-Semitic terror. The "Klagebalken" manufactured from Flossenbürger granite also reminds of such an act: Palestinian terrorists had taken the Israeli Olympic team hostage during the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. The rescue mission failed resulting in several fatalities. Fritz Koenig's "Klagebalken" memorial was created in 1994/95. The ten-metre long monolith is placed centrally under one of the ropes anchored in the ground of the Olympic stadium's canopy roof. The names of the murdered Israeli athletes are carved into the granite block in Hebrew, the name of the German policeman who died is carved in German.


Stephanie Gilles M.A.

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