Representations of the horse and rider are omnipresent in Fritz Koenig's art throughout all his creative periods and can even be traced back to his early childhood. For the passionate rider and breeder of Arabian horses, the horse was his "life theme". In this charcoal drawing, Koenig expresses the essence of an Arabian horse and its proud rider in the maximum stringency of form. With a few short strokes, each applied with the blunt side of the chalk, with minimal twisting movements and abrupt changes of direction, a drawing of sculptural power emerges, which is reminiscent of Picasso's drawings in its "spontaneity and the certainty of creating from the moment". (Reinhold Baumstark, Kentauromachie, in: Fritz Koenig. Kentauromachie. Zeichnungen, published by R. Baumstark, publication on the occasion of the "Fritz Koenig, Kentauromachie. Drawings" exhibition at the Neue Pinakothek, Munich 4.11.2004‒16.01.2005, Munich [incl.] 2004, p. 5)


Stephanie Gilles M.A.

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