Gabler, Ambrosius: Ausruffende Personen in Nürnberg …

Stadtbibliothek Nürnberg


The popular series of market cries, edited in two issues in 1790 by the drawer, painter and engraver Ambrosius Gabler (1762-1834), is part of a long tradition with a specific Nuremberg character:

Beginning with the coloured hand drawings of the two endowments at the beginning of the 15th and 16th century, the illustrative woodcuts by Jost Amman (1539-1591), which were created in Nuremberg, pick up on the theme of the professions of artes mechanicae once again in the "Ständebuch" (Book of Estates) of 1568. Christoph Weigel's (1654-1725) "Abbildung Der Gemein-Nützlichen Haupt-Stände ..." (Illustration of the Non-Profit Main Estates ...) from 1698 contains numerous illustrations designed by Georg Christoph Eimmart the Younger (1638-1705) in Nuremberg manufactories.

On the cusp of the 19th century, Gabler presents naturalistic, detailed and individual portraits of flying merchants for various natural produce, fancy or consignment goods. The transitions from a portrayal of a job to a genre painting and a character study of eccentrics are fluid. The idyllising intention is accentuated by the subsequent colouration. The urban architectural scenery provides a picturesque background, although the aim is to achieve reality and authenticity. The accompanying text in the style of a city guide and corresponding with the illustrations of the 1st issue provides anecdotal information on the history of the building and the trades portrayed.

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