Bronzemedaille von Papst Paul III. auf die Stadt Rom von 1550

Staatliche Münzsammlung München


Obverse (legend): PAVLVS III PONT MAX ANNUS XVI (Paulus III Pontifex Maximus Annus XVI); Bust in richly decorated robes turned to the right, on the outer edge cord cycle and legend.

Reverse (legend) ALMA ROMA; View of the city of Rome from a bird's eye perspective. Below written legend.

Pope Paul III (1534-1549) is of rather great importance in church history, since he convened the first Council of Trent, called the first Tridentinum. At this council, an answer to Luther's theses and demands (1483-1546) was sought. However, it was not possible to achieve the desired unity of the church. To this end, the Council should have taken place a few years earlier. Even as a cardinal, the future Pope Paul III had his illegitimate children recognised as legitimate descendants, thus ensuring the survival of his family. The obverse shows the pope's bust-length portrait in luxuriously decorated robes, while the reverse shows a bird's eye view of Rome. In this view, the city wall and the Tiber are highlighted very prominently, while the buildings of the city are arranged quite arbitrarily, so that all characteristic monuments are visible. The medal was issued after the death of Paul III in 1550.