Bürgermeistermedaille von Moosbach

Staatliche Münzsammlung München


Obverse image: Bust in the coronation ornate turned to the right, surrounded by writing.


Reverse image: Coat of arms, below writing.

Reverse script: MOOSBACH

From 1806-1918, the front sides of the mayor medals show the portrait of the reigning Bavarian king, in this case Ludwig I (1825-1848) in the coronation regalia adorns the obverse. The front side stamp was cut by the medallist Carl Friedrich Voigt (1800-1874), who had been working in Munich since 1828. In the event of a change of government, the respective municipalities had the opportunity to have their mayor medals minted by the Royal Bavarian Mint for a fee. Alternatively, new medals with the portrait of the current monarch could simply be ordered. The choice of material, mainly silver, but partly also solid gold, depended not least on the respective municipality's available budget. The reverse side of the silver mayor medal here shows the coat of arms of Moosbach in the Upper Palatinate in today's district of Neustadt an der Waldnaab. The reverse side stamp was still cut by the principal mint medallist and mint engraver Joseph Losch (1770-1826). The Moosbach coat of arms, known since 1543, is enclosed in a cartouche, divided and split at the top. A crowned and embattled golden lion top left, the Bavarian diamonds top right. The lower part shows a bouquet of green leaves with three black moss bulbs in front of blue waves.