Speculum humanae salvationis - Universitätsbibliothek Augsburg, Cod.I.2.2.23

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The "Speculum humanae salvationis" is, together with the "Biblia pauperum", the most well-known mediaeval work on typology, i.e. concerning the fundamental conviction of the Christian religion that the incarnation and the salvation work of Christ was already prefigured in all details by the Old Testament. The first manuscripts date to the early fourteenth century and the work developed soon to a mediaeval bestseller, which is attested by 350 preserved Latin manuscripts alone, most of which are richly illuminated. The work was translated into French, English, German, Netherlandish and Czech. The manuscript tradition was soon replaced by early book printing; the first printed version was published by Günther Zainer in Augsburg in 1473. // Datum: 2017

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