Hausbuch des Michael de Leone (Würzburger Liederhandschrift)

Universitätsbibliothek der LMU München


The parchment manuscript was composed in a textura formata lettering by several hands and goes back to Michael de Leone († 1355), who descended from a well-known Patrician family in Mainz and called himself after his "Hof zum Löwen"/Lion's Court in Würzburg. The Hausbuch he passed on to his nephew Jakob de Leone († 1400). The manuscript contains apart from love songs by Walther von der Vogelweide the "Buoch von guoter spise"/Book of Good Food, the oldest cookery book in the German language. The fate of the Hausbuch after 1403 is uncertain; probably it never left Würzburg. In any case, it was acquired by the Augsburg Bishop Johann Egolph von Knöringen (1537-1575), active in Würzburg since 1561 as canon and from 1564 to 1569 as rector of the cathedral school. He donated his library of over 6,000 volumes to the University Library Ingolstadt, where the Hausbuch was located from 1573. Datum: 2016


University Library of the LMU, Munich

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