Sources and Descriptions about the Munich Oktoberfest

The Munich Oktoberfest, known as the “Wiesn” (Meadow), is presented here in its multiple historical facets. Its origins with the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig (1786-1868, 1825-1848 King Ludwig I of Bayern) in 1810, will be discussed as well as diverse jubilees, the Zentrale Landwirtschaftsfest (Central Agricultural Fair), the literature on the “Wiesn” or the Munich Breweries. Particular “appetizers” are the photos from the holdings of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Bavarian State Library) and the coloured lithographs of the festive processions dated to 1835 and 1842 from the Münchner Stadtmuseum (Munich Municipal Museum).


1810: Princely Wedding and Civic Representation

Reflexions and Jubilees 1835, 1842, 1910 and 1935

Official and Unofficial Programme Guides

The Central Agricultural Fair

Around Theresienwiese (Theresia Meadow)

(Il-)literary News about and on the Oktoberfest

Gustav Kraus: the Festival Processions in 1835 and 1842

Visual Treasures from the “Wiesn” (Meadow)

The City, the Country and the Beer