Birth, 1533

Museum Tucherschloss und Hirsvogelsaal, HI Kh 076
Wooden plate with Tucher-Nützel alliance coat of arms, 1533

This turned and coloured armorial plate poses a riddle. Its wide flag is decorated with a monochrome design of curled acanthus leaves clustered in pairs with flowers. An arms of alliance with helmet decoration and the inscription "1533" in the well as if on a shield and framed by a border of leafy vines.

Hardly any wooden armorial plates survived in Nuremberg. In the 16th century, so-called bridal bowls or wedding bowls are known from northern Germany, which bear figurative scenes and also coats of arms. But no further links can be shown to this piece.

Which event in 1533 does its inscription refer to?

The arms of alliance can actually only be for the second marriage of Linhart II Tucher to Katharina Nützel (c. 1495-1550). His first wife was Magdalena Stromer (born c. 1483), who died already in 1520. Linhart’s marriage to Katharina Nützel two years later produced numerous children, with his sixth son Herdegen (died 1614) being born on 27 August 1533.

It is therefore likely that the armorial plate was intended to commemorate the birth of Herdegen Tucher.

Claudia Däubler-Hauschke